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Use the games from the list to learn new words and test your knowledge.

Flash cards

Flash cards are widely used to repeat and memorize foreign words. Learning new words should start with watching flash cards and listening to pronunciation.

Passive memorization

When you are busy with your business, put a smartphone, tablet or laptop in sight and turn on "Passive memorization". The scientifically proven method of memorizing Hermann Ebbingauz and Peter Wozniak has proven its effectiveness.

Vocabulary tetris

To test your knowledge and not be bored, play our "Vocabulary Tetris". Everything is like in the old game, but instead of moving the pieces, you have to choose the translation of the falling word.


Just like in the paper version of the popular puzzle, only better. Find the translation of the given word in the square and cross it starting with the first letter. Practice mindfulness, repeat words.


Connect the letters in the correct order to get the word you are looking for. This is not just entertainment. You will learn to write these words confidently without mistakes.

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